Battle of Waterloo

battle of waterloo The Battle of Waterloo is probably the most famous battle ever fought. Ten years ago there were more books about the Battle of Waterloo in the Library of Congress than the Battle of Gettysburg or D-Day. It is still controversial.

The first book written about the Battle of Waterloo was written in 1816, a year after the battle. The last book written about the Battle of Waterloo was published in 1999. The battle was decisive and very bloody. There were nearly as many casualties in the one-day of fighting than the three days of Gettysburg or seven years of the War in Vietnam.

The Battle of Waterloo was the scene of heroism and cowardice. It was the culmination of a drama seldom seen on the world's stage: The return of Napoleon Bonaparte from his first exile. Besides Napoleon other famous generals were present: The Duke of Wellington and the Prussian Field Marshall Blucher.

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