istory Live is a very unique business. It began as an outgrowth of sponsoring and setting up miniature dioramas of the Battle of Waterloo and other Napoleonic battles.

n the early 70's, I was asked to display our 25 mm Wargame Army at a local Scottish-Highland Festival. It was so well received that we enlarged the event each year and traveled further afield. In Memphis, TN's Exposition on "Napoleon" we set up a 15' X 25' table using 11,000 figures-truly a magnificent sight. Since then the collection has more than doubled. Together with the Wasatch Wargamers Club we have set up the diorama in other parts of Utah and Colorado. To this display we have added a multi-image show, "Waterloo, the Legend", using actors, music, sound effects, and slides of famous paintings telling the story of this most famous of all battles.

hose who have seen the display and have also seen those in England at Waterloo and elsewhere have stated it is the finest and most detailed they have seen. It is truly a work of art.

istory Live has erected booths to sell products in Williamsburg, VA; Chicago, and San Francisco with conventions of the Napoleonic Society of America. We were in Las Vegas and Houston in the year 2000. The diorama was shown at the Long's Peak Scottish-Irish Festival, Estes Park, Colorado September 6th-9th, 2001.

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