Napoleon Era Flags

napoleon era flags Napoleon Era Flags - What would a parade be without a flag? Napoleon Era Flags were beautiful. The most beautiful of all those French Napoleon Era Flags were those of the Old Guard of Napoleon, his elite soldiers. Napoleon Era Flags are some of the most sought after items we sell.

As a company we specialize in reproductions of things which were a part of the historical period of Napoleon. Napoleon Era Flags were important because they were carried into battle at the heads of columns of troops.

We manufacture our own Napoleon Era Flags. Our best is a full size, digitally mastered printing of Napoleon’s Old Guard on nylon satin with or without a fringe. This makes a flag of exceptional quality and beauty. Each emblem and letter is shaded so the gold "stands out" more brilliantly from the background.

We also make a desk sized Old Guard flag, 8x8 inches, beautifully silk screened on polyester satin with a gold fringe, a brass colored heavy base embossed with Napoleonic emblems and its blue staff topped with a beautifully crafted miniature replica of a French imperial eagle in either resin or brass.

As examples of the Napoleon Era Flags we carry, they are of a quality that makes them of great value for their price.