Napoleon Era Videos

napoleon era videos The entire world’s a stage and Napoleon, the consummate actor, strode upon it like a colossus.

Our Napoleon Era Videos show him portrayed by a variety of excellent actors in a variety of interpretations. No other historical figure has been so repeatedly the subject of the movie makers art, than Napoleon. Whether Napoleon Era Videos picture him as an object of scorn or admiration his period of history was dubbed the "Age of Napoleon" and Napoleon Era Videos show him well acted.

Napoleon Era Videos captures the events in documentaries or Hollywood style interpretations of the events that occurred during this fascinating historical period that was truly world wide in scope 100 years before the First World War.

So sail with C.S.Forester’s "Hornblower" or hike with Rifleman Sharp as they attempt to stop Napoleon from conquering the world. Napoleon Era Videos takes you on a breathtaking cavalry charge in "The Duelists" or at Borodino to meet The Czar’s infantry squares in "War and Peace". It’s all there in glorious Technicolor [most of the time] in Napoleon Era Videos and all in VHS so you can see even the foreign films on your home VCR. You can ride with Napoleon or sail against him, Napoleon Era Videos can let you do both without leaving the comfort of your easy chair.