Napoleon Wargaming

napoleon wargaming Napoleon Wargaming is one of the most exciting ways to study military history. Our company, History Live has been associated with a Napoleon Wargaming club here in Utah for over 30 years. It is the oldest group involved with Napoleon Wargaming here.

History Live and The Wasatch Wargamers have worked together on a variety of projects to promote Napoleon Wargaming and sell items of interest to Napoleonic Wargamers. Our largest project has been to set up dioramas of the Battle of Waterloo using the miniatures we paint for Napoleon Wargaming. We have also produced a multi-image show telling the story of the battle and then took this exhibit around the west to Scottish Highland Games and conventions of people interested in the historical period of Napoleon.

Napoleon Wargaming plays a large role in the fact that the 1100 to 1500 miniatures we use are also used in Napoleon Wargaming. Pictures of our display can be viewed at History Live's website as well as other items we sell. Our reproductions of miniature medals can be used as awards in Napoleon Wargaming.

Visit us at our website to see these and other Napoleonic reproductions and our magnificent photos of Napoleon Wargaming.