Napoleonic Gifts and Souvenirs

napoleonic gifts and souvenirs Napoleonic gifts are our bread and butter. Actually everything we sell are Napoleonic Gifts. Our coffee mugs "commemorate the times" with pictures of famous persons of the Napoleonic Era. All of them make splendid gifts for the devotee of the Emperor or just interested in history.

One unusual item is our griffon pin and erring. This Napoleonic Gift is taken from an armchair of Napoleon. Our Napoleonic Gifts and Souvenirs reflect the world wide, colorful and dramatic period of history known as the "Age of Napoleon" as best we can.

Most of the items we sell we have designed ourselves and have made locally. We accept fully the responsibility for the beauty or otherwise of our Napoleonic Gifts and Souvenirs. You will be able to see for yourself their quality when you buy them or see their picture on our website, or call us at 801-298-0828.