Napoleonic Swords

napoleonic swords If you like beautiful swords we’ve got them. Napoleonic Swords, especially the French were some of the most beautiful ever made. They’re just the things for swaggering around the office or tripping you up at dance marathons. Napoleonic light cavalry sabres are particularly graceful and would look good over your fireplace.

They are such excellent replicas that you cannot distinguish the replica from the original except the replica may be a little blade heavy. And in the lighter swords even this is difficult to judge. With their high carbon steel blades you’ll feel very confident slashing at anyone armed with nothing longer than a pocketknife.

But if you’re into ugliness in swords we carry some British Napoleonic swords also. If you like kilts and clans as I do then you’ll like our dirks and basket hilted broadswords.

If you like Swords you’ll like our Napoleonic Swords.