Napoleonic Wars Reenactments

napoleonic wars reenactments Napoleonic Wars Reenactments are an exciting way to relive one of the most colorful periods of world history. Napoleonic Wars Reenactments bring people together from all over the world. We specialize in items that are used in Napoleonic Wars Reenactments.

Napoleonic Wars Reenactments display a variety of uniforms from many countries involved in the Napoleonic Wars. We sell Eagles, Flags, Medals, Swords and Firearms that are a part of that period.

We sell high quality reproductions of the above many of which we make ourselves or have had made. They can be used in Wargaming, home display, ceremonials or Napoleonic Wars Reenactments.

History Live invites you to visit our website at to see our catalog or you can Email me at You’ll have fun decorating your home, office or yourself when you turn out for your Napoleonic Wars Reenactments.