Napoleon Bust #1
This direct cast of the period original is a stunning designer resin tribute to Napoleon.
It would be perfect as a statement for your home or an inspired gift for your favorite "history lover".

Stock #: NS-1
Item: Bust of Napoleon by Louis-Henry Hippolyte, 1844-1914
Size: Width: 8 1/2 in., Depth: 6 1/2 in., Height: 14 in., weight: 5 lbs.
Price: $60 USD
Shipping: Add $12 USD

Napoleon Bust #2
Stock #: NS-2
Item: Bust of Napoleon as First Consul, Sculptor unknown
Size: Width: 5 3/4 in., Depth: 4 1/4 in., Height: 10 3/4 in., weight: 3 3/4 lbs.
Price: $40 USD
Shipping: Add $10 USD

Josephine Bust
Stock #: NS-3
Item: Bust of Josephine, Sculptor unknown
Size: Width: 6 3/4 in., Depth: 4 in., Height: 14 in., weight: 5 lbs.
Price: $50 USD
Shipping: Add $12 USD

Napoleon Bust #3

Stock #: NS-4
Item: Small Bust of Napoleon, Sculptor Houdon
Size: Width: 3 in., Depth: 2 1/2 in., Height: 6 3/4 in., Weight: 3 lbs.,
Material: Marble
Price: $20 USD
Shipping: Add $8 USD

Napoleon Crosses the Alps

Stock #: NS-5
Item: A museum quality sculptural rendition of the famous Jacques Louis David painting. A well detailed depiction of the Emperor at his most heroic pose.
Size: Height: 10.75 in., Weight: 4.1 lbs.
Material: Made of solid natural bonded marble.
Price: $100 USD
Shipping: Add $25 USD

Napoleonic Griffon
Stock #: NS-6
Item: Griffon on Black Shiny Base ...An excellent representation of the mythological creature with the head and wings of an Eagle and body of a lion. The Griffon is of ancient and classical lineage and stood for Courage and Strength which were qualities Napoleon admired because he used the Griffon in his furniture and decor in his palaces wherever he lived.
Size: Weight: 1 1/2 lbs.
Sale Price: $50 USD ... Regular Price $60
Shipping: Add $TBA

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